Thursday 30 April 2020


I hope this update finds everyone well in these intense days of lockdown. I know some people are finding it easier than others, and my heart goes out to anyone stuck at home, facing the days alone. My husband is an essential worker and continues to go to work, so I’m on my own for eight hours each day, but that’s nothing when I know he’s coming home each night and we can enjoy dinner and watching a bit of TV together. For anyone on their own, stay strong.

I enjoy being by myself and working on my books, but even I find it lonely at times. I’ve found the best way to break up the monotony of the day is to get out of the house and go for a walk. In the UK we’re (currently) allowed to take one hour of outside exercise, as long as we maintain social distancing measures. That hour is the highlight of my day and had definitely kept me on an even keel. Everyone copes in their own way and people need to do what works for them.

Anyway, I’ve used some of my free time to finally put together a mailing list. Once up and running I’ll send occasional emails with book notifications, special offers and updates. In the meantime for anyone signing up, I’m giving away a free short story.

Sleep is the last thing on their minds.

When lawyer Travis Milton joins a group of his colleagues to celebrate the birthday of a senior partner, things couldn’t go much worse. The older men’s idea of a good time is to act like drunken frat boys cruising from casino to strip clubs. Their bad behaviour gets them through out of one place after another. Travis is ready to cut them loose when they end up at Rubens, a high class bar in a luxury sky scraper, where he meets Oscar, a harassed but very sexy waiter.

Oscar is counting the minutes until the end of his shift, but when the hot young lawyer intervenes in a conflict, his night takes a turn for the better.

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