Wednesday 30 August 2017


Last week I posted details  the new anthology Right Here Right Now due for release next month. My story The Coach will then get a standalone ebook release in November and I'm delighted to share the cover image right now.

The anthology is available to pre order now from Pride Publishing for an early download from 5th September.

Friday 25 August 2017

Right Here, Right Now available to pre order

Right Here, Right Now is a new anthology of contemporary MM romance from Pride Publishing. It features my rugby themed story The Coach. Find out more about the book below and follow the pre order link.

‘Undercover’ by Lily Harlem
When two alpha males collide, sparks will fly.
Samuel’s job is to scrutinize the store’s customers and make sure everyone stays on the right side of the law. One sexy guy in particular has him not only hot under the collar, but filling his dreams and starring in his wildest fantasies. Yet, he can’t pluck up the courage to spark a conversation and find out if those lingering looks mean what he thinks they do.
Until, that is, a misdemeanor occurs giving him the chance to haul hot bloke into his office. The only trouble is, Samuel soon realizes he’s bitten off more than he can chew. This man isn’t going to take a reprimand lying down, no matter how much attraction is fizzing between them.
There’s only one thing for it and that’s to allow the heat between them to reach combustion point—even if it means switching, pushing boundaries and bending the rules. Undercover or not, burning desire and scorching lust can’t be ignored.

‘Never the Groom’ by Samantha Cayto
A cold night turns unexpectedly hot.
Ian Cabot has led a shy, sheltered life ever since a plane accident killed his mother and left him emotionally and physically scarred. His father’s marriage of convenience forces him into the magnetic orbit of his soon-to-be cousin by marriage. The man who meets him at the airport is just the kind of commanding man he hopes will rid him of his virginity. Too bad anything between them is out of bounds.
James Reynolds has no time or patience for his cousin’s social-climbing marriage, and even less for taking a detour to deal with the pampered son of her fiancé. As a hard-working and dedicated family man, he agrees to pick Ian up and get him to the wedding. The pretty college boy who hides half his face is not what he is expecting and proves to be disturbingly tempting.
Whatever discipline Ian and James have to keep their relationship strictly familial is tested by an unseasonable blizzard and the sexual heat they can’t ignore.

‘The Soldier Next Door’ by Brigham Vaughn
Sometimes, love is right next door.
All twenty-seven-year-old Travis Schultz is supposed to do is keep an eye on the kid next door for a few weeks while his parents are out of town. Eighteen-year-old Owen Wheeler has other plans. Newly graduated, with plans to enlist in the Army, Owen wants to get laid before he ships out and he’s had a crush on Travis for years.
The age difference and the responsibility he’s been entrusted with make Travis hesitant, but the attraction is too much to deny. When the casual one-night stand turns into something more, Travis has no idea how to tell Owen how he feels. He misses his opportunity before Owen leaves and is left at home with a broken heart when Owen cuts off all contact.
When they meet again years later, Owen is in the midst of recovery from being injured in the line of duty and Travis will have to decide if he can forgive Owen and try again.
Reader Advisory: This book contains brief mentions of PTSD and war-related injuries.

‘The Matchmakert’ by Alexa Milne
Sometimes you need a little push.
Josh is a carer and Simon is his employer. Each has a secret they keep from each other, but not from the other person in their lives.
Tom may only be a teenager, but he can see the attraction between his father and Josh. Can he bring them together and create a happy ever after for all three of them?

‘Throwaway’ by Jon Keys
Garrett escaped the death threat from his family, but the Texas Panhandle is where he may be at the end of any hope.
After being thrown out by his parents, Garrett’s planned escape ended when the last of his money landed him in a tiny West Texas town with no more resources than a backpack with his entire worldly goods and the change in his pocket. He huddles behind a dumpster to avoid the broiling noonday heat. As the sun moves below its apex, one of the workers from the convenience store tosses a few bags of food past its prime into the dumpster and Garrett is soon surrounded by the scent. His hunger overcomes his caution and Garrett takes advantage of a distraction to slip into the trash and snag the food. Garrett finds himself threatened by a group of locals when he discovers the bags hold more than stale burritos.
Trevor, the manager of the regional farmers’ co-op, rescues him before he goes to jail. A day later, after a hot shower, fresh clothes and a full stomach, Garrett is excited to have a possible solution to his problem.
When pieces disappear from an unusual collection of jewelry, Garrett and Trevor team up to find the actual thief.

‘The Coach’ by Thom Collins
A routine assignment unlocks the secrets of his past.
News man Josh Holleran knows very little about sport and prefers to cover the crime desk. When his editor sends him to interview representatives from the local rugby team, Josh has little enthusiasm.
The Woodbridge Warriors are celebrating, having qualified for a national competition and it’s a significant story for the rural area, but Josh knows nothing about the game. His interest increases massively when he meets Cole Jansen, the hunky team coach. Cole is a big, beefy guy in his mid-thirties, exactly Josh’s type.
There’s something very familiar about him. Josh can’t shake the feeling that they’ve met before. Soon he realizes exactly who the coach is and how he knows him. A shameful secret from Josh’s past is about to be revealed and he’ll have to overcome his regret to stand a chance of happiness in the future.
General Release Date: 3rd October 2017

Tuesday 22 August 2017

SINFUL PLEASURES Guest Post Sonni d Soto

Sinful Pleasures, the hot new anthology from Sinful Press is released this week. Today I'm delighted to host a guest post from one of the contributors Sonni de Soto

In Defense of Dirty Talk

Sonni de Soto

When you’re inexperienced, sex often feels just as intimidating as it does fascinating. It’s this mysterious miracle that you’re sure everyone but you is doing and that, if only you could be doing it too, your life—you—would be completely changed. In movies and stories, we talk about first times in terms of romantic perfection, with beautiful bodies moving in flawless harmony, or messy mistakes that can ruin lives. Too often, we treat it as if it should be the most natural thing in the world, that we should just arrive on the dating scene knowing every position and trick by instinct. And that, if we don’t, we’re somehow deficient and doomed in the bedroom forever. Which too often leaves us feeling incredibly inept and too embarrassed to ask questions or talk about it.

But the dirty, little secret we rarely tell each other is: none of us are experts.

Even if we know the basics—how your parts match up with your partner’s—it’s impossible to know exactly the best way to do that the first time. So, whether we like it or not, we have to do the unthinkable: we have to talk about it. None of us are mind readers. Even with all the experience and knowledge in the world, you will never know more about another person’s pleasure than they do. Because they’re the ones in their bodies. And, even if one tact worked well with previous partners, there’s no guarantee it will with another. And the only way to know is to communicate and explore with each other. After all, you can’t exactly discover the answers until you’ve asked the questions.

In my new story, “On the Line,” in Sinful Press’s new anthology Sinful Pleasures, I explore how that kind of discovery can not only be helpful but sexy as hell too. By talking out your fantasies with your partners, you can learn how they—and how you—like to have sex. What your turn-ons and preferences are. Where your comfort levels and boundaries lie. And, of course, what sexy, new things you’d like to try when the time comes.

It’s also a great way to explore and enjoy each other’s sexuality, even when you may not be ready or able to do so physically. It helps foster intimacy and boost confidence, not to mention build anticipation.

Because sex, whether the first time or the four-thousandth, should fill you and your partner with pleasure, not insecurity. And, if fantasy-sharing can get you there, well, a little dirty talk never hurt anyone.

For more from Sonni de Soto, check out her stories in the upcoming Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30 Vol. 2, coming out later in July, Sexy Little Pages’ Goodbye Moderation: Gluttony, and Cleis Press’s Unspeakably Erotic: Lesbian Kink, available for pre-sale now.

Excerpt from “On The Line”

Sinful Pleasures

Imagine us,” her voice whispered in his ear. “Imagine us in your room. On your bed.”

Chris let out a sigh and tried. His mind focused, picturing her painted and so-mobile mouth forming her words. He imagined the familiar flush that always swept over her cheeks right before he took her mouth, that visible sign of her excitement that never failed to fuel his own.

And then there, in his room, on his bed, in his mind, like magic, she was laid seductive and stretched-out before him. His hands itched to grab the curves of her body. The swell of her sweeping hips. The pointed tips of her delectable breasts. The length of her long legs. The soft spread of sun-ripened skin, that always held the sweet scent of citrus, over the generous lushness of her body.

He could hear his own breath rasp as his mind transported her from her dorm room to the foot of his bed.

Good,” he heard her coo in his ear. “Now that you have me there, whatever will you do with me?” Her mockingly naïve tone left him feeling provoked and promised.

I want you naked.”


Sinful Press welcomes you to lose yourself in Sinful Pleasures.  

Join us as we weave our way from mainstream erotic romance to surreal sex-filled dreamscapes and everything in between, created by some of the best new and established voices in the erotica genre. 

Janine Ashbless, Ella Scandal, Sonni de Soto, Jo Henny Wolf, Lily Harlem, Lady Divine, Gail Williams, Samantha MacLeod, Tony Fyler, Ellie Barker, Lisa McCarthy

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Author Bio:

Sonni de Soto is a kinkster of color who is also an English major and graduated from the University of Minnesota. She also won the third place 2008 International Aeon Award story winner (Published in Albedo One Issue 38). Sonni has two BDSM erotica novels published, The Taming School with Sizzler Editions and Show Me, Sir with Sinful Press. She also has BDSM erotica short stories in Riverdale Ave Books's First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology, The Sexy Librarian's anthology For the Men (and the Women who Love Them), and Sexy Little Pages' Sacred & Profane and soon Rule #34 anthologies, as well and several others.


Thursday 17 August 2017

Release Blitz: Random on Tour: Las Vegas by Julia Kent (@jkentauthor)

Random on Tour: Las Vegas by Julia Kent
New Release! Random on Tour: Las Vegas by Julia Kent (@jkentauthor) #romantic #romance #contemporary #comedy

Release date: August 15, 2017

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance


Now, you know my mama’s a gambler (sweeper, whatever....), so I guess I got to blame her for a little of this.

When the band got invited to do a big gig here in Las Vegas, I was so excited. Really excited. And when we got here, I was dazzled.

A little too dazzled. I blame the lights and the money and does Vegas pump a scent through the entire town that makes you think you’re a winner, or what?

Because I gambled all our money away. And by “our,” I mean the band’s money. All of it. Every dang cent.

Only no one knows. They’d kill me. So I have to find a way to make all that money back.

I have an idea. I got a good body and a smart mind.

(Quit laughing).

I can do this. I can fix this.


It’s just gonna get a little weird for a while.

Random on Tour: Las Vegas is the 9th book in Julia Kent’s New York Times bestselling Random series. When the band performs in Vegas, anything goes – including Darla’s dignity and all of the band’s savings. When a savior appears, though, there’s a trade-off for being rescued. A big one. How far is Darla willing to go?

Oh, please. It’s Darla. Like you have to even wonder...

This book is told from the point of view of Darla, Trevor and Joe.

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“Did you hear about the woman who died by suffocating on a guy’s penis?” I asked, all out of the blue. That’s how my brain worked sometimes, and hell if I understood it. Given any set of crises, I could compartmentalize and let at least one loose strand of gray matter float off in the wind, brought back by a breeze with a strange little factoid tucked away in the outback, coming forward to be uttered out of my no-filter mouth.

Plus, I needed time for the brain’s back burner to figure out how to give them an answer that fully conveyed my apologies and regret for being so stupid. Given that, why not distract them with a huge-dick story?

Trevor and Joe groaned in unison. They knew how I worked.

“He was from Peters, Ohio, wasn’t he?” Joe asked.

“I’ll get beer. We’re going to need it if this is one of her stories,” Trevor said, standing up and shaking his head as he and Joe exchanged a look I didn’t understand.

“No, not from Peters,” I said. “Trust me, if a guy back home had a cock that big, I’d know about it. Or have been dead long before I met you.”

They both froze, then slowly turned to look at me.


Author Bio:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men's room toilet (and he isn't a billionaire). She lives in New England with her husband and three sons in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down

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Friday 11 August 2017

Coming Soon: Right Here, Right Now a M/M Anthology

Coming this autumn from Pride Publishing, a brand new anthology of contemporary MM romance, featuring my story The Coach.

The book also features new writing from Lily Harlem, Samantha Cayto, Brigham Vaughan, Alexia Milne and Jon Keyes

Release dates:
Preorder: 22nd August
Early Download: 5th September
General Release: 3rd October

Friday 4 August 2017


 I apologise for this overdue update but the last three weeks have been mega-hectic. It started well enough with a fabulous 7 night cruise around the Scottish coast but even since we got back it’s been crazy. We’re also in the middle of home renovations and I totally underestimated how disruptive that can be. I thought I’d be able to work through the chaos, dust, noise, mess, boxes, but no, it’s been impossible. Last weekend I tried escaping to some local coffee shops and pubs, but this being the summer holidays they were all packed with kids and families, and once again it was impossible to work. So this is the first time I’ve turned my laptop on in three weeks.
Anyway, the cruise was wonderful. We joined the ship MS Magellan in Liverpool before sailing north, visiting Greenock, Tobermorey, Orkney and Torshavn, before coming back down the east of Scotland via Shetland and Dundee to end up in Newcastle. It was a great week and we saw some beautiful places. The weather was also on our side for the first four days. It took a turn for the worse at the end of the week with high winds and rough seas, but thankfully nothing as bad as the storm in Anthem of the Sea.

Anthem of the Sea - the perfect cruise read.
A beautiful evening leaving Greenock
Tobermorey harbour.
Blue skies and blue sea - perfection.

 Not even the weather can put me off cruising. I love every part of the experience. The ship, the fresh sea air, meeting new people, great food, great drinks, the entertainment – it can’t be beaten. It’s so more relaxed and interesting than spending a few hours squashed in a plane followed by a couple of weeks by the beach or a pool.

But I’m back at work now and need to get moving on Anthem 3. The third book is half way through but I’d like to get the first draft done by the end of September. Fingers crossed.
Last weekend Diverse reader featured me on their Saturday Author Spotlight.  Check out the interview. There may still be time to enter the giveaway to win a signed copy of Anthem of the Sea and an ebook bundle of my other books.