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Thom Collins is the author of Closer by Morning, Gods of Vengeance and Silent Voices with Pride Publishing. Anthem of the Sea, the first novel the Anthem Trilogy was published in June 2017. Books two and three will follow in 2018. His love of page turning thrillers began at an early age when his mother caught him reading the latest Jackie Collins book and promptly confiscated it, sparking a life-long love of raunchy novels.
He is currently working on a new book.
Thom has lived in the North East of England his whole life. He grew up in Northumberland and now lives in County Durham with his husband and two cats. He loves all kinds of genre fiction, especially bonk-busters, thrillers, romance and horror. He is also a cookery book addict with far too many titles cluttering his shelves. When not writing he can be found in the kitchen trying out new recipes. He’s a keen traveler but with a fear of flying that gets worse with age, but since taking his first cruise in 2013 he realized that sailing is the way to go.

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  1. We share a fear of flying, but unlike you, I'm also afraid of boats and ships and all things nautical. However, I loved the first book of yours that I've just finished..."Storm Warning". Lovely story, and I do enjoy reading about older adults, not twenty-somethings. I also appreciate the note before the expurgated epilogue. I read it after that and wish I could read that story as a standalone.