Thursday 8 November 2018

Cover Reveal: Anthem of Survival

I’m delighted to finally reveal the cover art for Anthem of Survival, the third and final book in the Anthem Trilogy.

Will they ever escape the past?
Revenge casts a long shadow.

Following two prior attempts on their lives, Daniel and Elijah are together and stronger than ever. Their relationship has weathered the toughest elements and survived. Physically and emotionally scarred, the bond between them can’t be broken. One year on from the devastating events in Anthem of the Dark they have reassessed their priorities and want to spend time out of the spotlight.

Elijah has quit his stand-up career to focus on his new passion: training to be a chef. But for Daniel, there are too many questions he desperately needs answers to. Like who orchestrated the violence in Blackpool a year ago? Whose hatred of him runs so deep they’re ruthlessly prepared to hurt innocent by-standers? He teams up with journalist Keeley Rank to uncover the facts.

Though the truth is well hidden, it is closer than anyone thinks. Someone wants revenge. Someone intent on destroying Daniel anyway she can. When Daniel and Elijah attend a fundraising gala for a victim support charity they are unaware they are about to face their most perilous situation yet. Vengeance is a deadly game and not everyone will survive.

I love this artwork. I think it sums up the dark, tumultuous tone of the last book so well. The team at Pride Publishing have done a terrific job with all three covers for this trilogy.

Anthem of Survival will be released in December but book 2, Anthem of the Dark is available right now.

Pride Publishing:

In other news. What have I been up to? Well, I mentioned earlier in the year I was taking a short break from MM fiction and romance to try my hand at something new.  That something new was a much darker novel, a scary novel. As of now I’m about 50k words in and halfway through, but it’s sooooo dark. Probably the hardest, most challenging and difficult thing I’ve ever written. It’s taking me places I’m not sure I want to go. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but I do know I need to take a break from it. So, I’ve started writing a new MM romance. This will likely be a novella length story, but I’ve already had the spark of an idea for a new novel, with the potential to develop into another trilogy. I learned a few valuable lessons writing the Anthem Trilogy and there are somethings I would do differently next time. Who knows? I’d also like to write some MF romance in the next year, but that would probably require a new pen name and starting all over again. I’m not sure about that, but for now I’ll focus on one project at a time and making the MM novella the best story I can.

In among all this writing I took a two-week cruise vacation with my husband. We visited Spain, Portugal, Madeira and the Canary Island. All stunningly beautiful places. We had an amazing time with one tiny grumble: it was far too hot for me, even in October. I like cooler temperatures and don’t function well in excessive heat. For next year I’ve talked my husband is visiting somewhere more appropriate: Iceland.

Love Thom xxx