Friday 20 April 2018

Written in Scars: Excerpt

Written in Scars is released next Monday - 23rd April. I’m so happy it’s finally going to out there and everyone can read it in full. Today I’d like to share a short excerpt from near the beginning of the book.


His quiet musing was interrupted by voices from the hall. He turned as Amy lead another two guests into the green room. A man in his fifties and a younger guy, late twenties. Logan tried not to stare but the young man was exceptionally good-looking. He had brown wavy hair, thick on top with a full, but tidy beard. His face was perfectly handsome with high cheekbones, level eyes and a straight, broad nose. Dressed in jeans and a well-fitting brown leather jacket, he moved with confidence.

Instinctively Logan straightened his shoulders and tightened his core muscles. He forced himself to look at the older man, who wore a police uniform. He was dashing enough in his own way, but faded in comparison to his companion, despite the uniform.

Amy gave them her spiel about refreshments and collecting them five minutes before they were due on air and left without making introductions.

Never shy, Logan walked confidently towards them, hand outstretched. “Hello,” he said, addressing the police officer first. “I’m Logan Crawford.”

“Inspector John Watt,” the man answered, taking Logan’s hand in a firm grip. He had a broad, clean shaven face, with rough looking skin and thick lips. He regarded Logan with steady grey eyes. His breath and uniform smelled of cigarettes.

“Pleased to meet you.” Logan withdrew his hand to address the real object of interest.

“Hi. I’m Sam. Sam Radcliffe,” the younger man said, taking his hand.

Beneath naturally arched brows, his eyes were large, predominantly brown in colour with flashes of amber and copper. Unlike the Inspector his skin was smooth and blemish free. There wasn’t a fleck of grey in that beard. Logan guessed his age as twenty-seven, twenty-eight. No older. Under the open leather jacket, he wore a dark cotton T-shirt and a few curls of chest hair peaked above the neck.

Logan was six-foot-one, and Sam a couple of inches shorter than him, no more than that.

He’s gorgeous. Logan, dangerously close to losing composure, released Sam’s hand and stepped away.


Pain fades but the scars remain.

When Logan Crawford, a former war correspondent turned best-selling author, appears on TV to promote his latest thriller, he is knocked out by his fellow guest, Sam Radcliffe. Logan’s travels around the world have opened his eyes to many things, but nothing as attractive as the man he meets that night. Sam was the victim of a vicious stabbing in his youth and is now an active campaigner against knife crime and violence. He is perfect in every way but one: the wedding band he wears. That’s a complication Logan doesn’t need.

Sam’s life is far from happy. His husband is addicted to hard-drugs and casual sex: a devastating combination. Johan was once the shining light in Sam’s life. Now he brings nothing but darkness. But Sam respects the vows they made. For better or for worse. The attraction Logan feels for him is mutual. Ruggedly handsome and engagingly smart, Logan is hard to resist. Sam will need to overcome the anguish of his past and barriers of his present if he’s to stand a chance with Logan.

A contemporary new romance from the author of Closer by Morning and The Anthem Trilogy.


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