Friday 2 March 2018

Anthem Trilogy Update

Today I have some news at last. Books two and three in the Anthem Trilogy have publication dates. They will be released by Pride Publishing in September and December. I know, that’s a long time after the release of book one but it’s owing to circumstances out of my control. Both books were finished last year, and I did hope they’d be released together in the first half of 2018. But that isn’t to be. I’m glad they’re definitely coming out but it’s a long time for readers of the first book to wait to find out what happens with Daniel and Elijah. Hopefully we’ll come up with some cool promotions nearer the release dates to make up for the delay.

In the mean time, my other news is that I’ll be releasing a standalone novella in April called Written in Scars. I’m really excited about this one. I’m going to put this out independently which has been a great challenge, but it’s also allowed me incredible freedom. There are always compromises when working with publishers, but doing it alone means getting to do exactly what you want. I chose everything for this book: the cover, the content, the layout and release dates. I’ll hold out sharing more than that for now as I want to do a cover reveal and launch in the next couple of weeks but I’m happy with every aspect of this book. I’m not sure I want to self-publish every release like some authors do – there’s a LOT of work involved – but for occasional standalone stories I can definitely see the benefits.

So, that’s all today. Short and sweet, but I wanted to share the good news about the Anthem books as soon a possible.
This is view from my garden today. It's been like this since Wednesday. Perfect weather for staying home with a good book. Which is exactly what I plan to do this weekend. I've cancelled all plans to go out and intended to keep warm reading, writing and watching a few movies.

Have a great weekend. Take care and stay safe.
Thom xxx

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