Thursday 15 June 2017

Anthem of the Sea Release Details

Next Tuesday – 20th June – is the general release date for my novel Anthem of the Sea. The book will be available in all ebook formats as well as paperback. I’ll post an updated list of links when the book goes live. I’m also embarking on a blog tour to promote the release. Across the week I’ll be appearing at the following venues:

20th June 

21st June               

22nd June              
Because Two Men Are Better Than One

23rd June                        

Many thanks to all the blog owners who are hosting this.

If you can’t wait till Tuesday and want to get started on the book this weekend, don’t forget you can get an early download direct from Pride Publishing RIGHT HERE.

It’s been a busy few weeks and there’s no sign of anything slacking off. I’m about 17,000 words into writing Anthem 3. As many of you know I do most of my writing longhand so it’s a slow process but definitely worth it. I love where the final part of the trilogy is going. This weekend is also my wedding anniversary, so as well as celebrating the release of Anthem of the Sea, I’ll be celebrating 11 years of marriage. July is looking to be quite hectic. We’ve got some home renovation work coming up that’s expected to last three weeks. The work is long overdue but will have a significant impact on my process with Anthem 3. I need peace, quiet and order to write best. I can’t see living in a building site being conducive to that. The local coffee shops might be sick of the sight of me by the end of it.

Until next time xxxx

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