Friday 5 May 2017


Good afternoon everyone. It's been another busy week and I'm looking forward to a laid-back weekend. Kicking off with margaritas and beef tachos with my husband tonight.

I've been working on the fine line edits for Anthem of the Sea, which is due out in June from Pride Publishing. Even better, you’ll be able to pre-order the book from next week. I'll post the link once it goes live. I'm so excited about this one. A lot of work has gone into the book - the first in my Anthem Trilogy. As I've mentioned before the second book is already finished and I’ve just started writing book three. Today in fact. It's important to get this right. I don't want to leave anything to chance so the outline had to be right before I began. It's really exciting. The outline alone got my pulse racing. I’ll be a nervous wreck when I get round to writing the actual scenes.

I'm current writing a number of blog posts to promote Anthem of the Sea in June. Links etc will come once it’s all finalised.

In the mean-time Silent Voices goes on general release next Tuesday. Another exciting day. I've written a blog post for the site Because Two Men Are Better than One. The post should go live on Tuesday HERE

So, as mentioned above, I started the first draft of Anthem 3 this morning. I like to write my first drafts without too much distraction, so have been working ahead to get everything in place for Anthem of the Sea and Silent Voices before I start. Multitasking is not one of my strong points so it takes a lot of advance planning. I’m not one of those writers who can have several projects on the go at one time. I like to focus on one story at a time. And now it’s all about Anthem 3. I can't wait. I’ve loved writing the first two books and want to give the trilogy a very fitting conclusion.

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