Friday 17 May 2024

JAGGED SHORES Behind the Scenes Part 1

 Dear reader

With the series now at an end, I thought it would be fun to share a few behind the scenes moments with you on the creation of Jagged shores.

First up – it was never intended to be a series. The first book, North Point, started life as a standalone. I wanted to write a story set on the north east coast of England which would feature a life boat volunteer as one of the heroes. I grew up in Northumberland and am familiar with the coastline but there wasn’t one specific town that I thought would be best suited as a location, so I created Nyemouth, which was an amalgam of several different places.


I plan all of my novels in advance using a student project book. I usually start with a bit of a mood board, collecting images of the kinds of people and locations I want to feature.


From there it’s a case of creating a cast list, building the characters and then the story outline. Only when that is all in place, do I start writing.

It was when I turned the book in to the publisher that they came back and asked if I could develop it into an ongoing series. My initial reaction was – not really. Dominic and Arnie had their happy ending, and I didn’t want to mess with that. But I quickly realised that Nyemouth itself could be the basis for a series of loosely connected standalone thrillers. There were supporting characters like Jacob who could return again and again. Once I hit on that idea, everything fell into place.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this behind the scenes look at my creative process. Look out for more details in the coming weeks.

Happy reading

Thom X

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