Thursday 31 August 2023

Cold Day Dawning - who is Antoni?

 Cold Day Dawning is out in the world and getting a great reaction – always a relief. I thought I’d share a little bit of my writing process and how I came to create one of the main characters Antoni Nowak.

Antoni was easy in a way as he had already appeared in a supporting role in the previous book Deep Waters. I make detailed notes and bios of all my characters, so I already knew his backstory. The challenge this time was to discover how his injuries in the last book had impacted upon him.

Antoni is a photographer who runs a gallery in the town centre with his brother Roger. He was left in a critical condition at the end of Deep Waters with serious injuries. When we meet him again, his physical wounds have healed but the mental scars have left a more lasting impact. He suffers from anxiety attacks, lack of appetite and has trouble sleeping, but he’s a survivor and is slowly rebuilding his life with support from his family and friends.

I found myself digging deep into my own past for this. I went through an event in 2012 that left me with PTSD for a several years afterwards. While my own experience was more psychological than physical, I was able to tap into that to address Antoni’s circumstances in this book.

I plan all of my stories and characters in project books. No modern software or folder structures for me – it’s all done on pen and paper. I use a lot of actors and models to give the physical features for the characters. Again, I’m very old school with this, printing and cutting out photos of people I like.

So Antoni already had a detailed bio and physical description from my Deep Waters story notes. For this book I had to update them with what he’d been through since and where he was right now.

When Antoni meets handsome Dalton Caine at a party, it seems like his life is about to take a turn for the better. But as they get to know each other and their relationship develops, Antoni and Dalton are plunged into a twisted mystery that put both their lives at risk.

I’m so proud of Cold Day Dawning and the character of Antoni. I enjoy romance and suspense in equal measures and feel I hit it just right in this book.


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