Friday 3 February 2023

DEEP WATERS - Dive Deeper

Deep Waters has been out a few weeks now and the response and five star reviews have been overwhelming. This has been the best received of the Jagged Shores books so far.

Writing a series of books is always a challenge. I want to give the readers all the familiar elements they enjoy while still doing something different each time. With the Jagged Shores series I try to do that by using the same location, my fictional coastal town of Nyemouth and a handful of recurring characters, while introducing new characters, relationships and themes with each story. Deep Waters is murder mystery from the opening chapter while exploring secrets and prejudices of the small town. In the first town novels Nyemouth is presented as a picture perfect seaside town, but in Deep Waters we get to see some of the dark undercurrents that run beneath the surface.

In this book we get to meet our main characters right at the start. Christian Coster is 42 years old. He’s a journalists and novelist from Manchester. Christian is friends with Dominic, the hero of North Point, and is visiting Nyemouth on Dominic’s recommendation. He’s seeking inspiration for his next book and hires a local boatman and tour guide to give him a flavour of the area. Harry Renner is 29, a local boy who runs his own boat out of Nyemouth harbour. Harry is hardworking, independent and single. Though both men are attracted to each other, the difference in their ages stops them from taking the issue seriously. However, they are quickly united in a common cause when they attempt to rescue an injured young man from the sea and become embroiled in a murder mystery.

For anyone who is interested in the process of creating a novel, here’s a peak at my note book for Deep Waters and some of the images I used to inspire the characters. I also found it necessary to draw a map of Nyemouth to keep the geography clear in my head. This is something I should have done before book one and I’ll definitely be more organised when it’s time to start a new series.

I’m delighted to say book four is already written and has a publication date of August 2023. The fourth entry is different again in tone and theme, through it retains the thriller elements of the series and a supporting character from Deep Waters returns for a lead role. At the minute my plan is to end the series on book five and move onto something new, but I don’t want to tie myself in just yet. I love writing the Jagged Shores series and as long as the ideas keep coming, I’ll continue.

PS. I'll be adding a few extra features to this site in the coming weeks including signed paperback editions for those readers who like to hold something in their hands. 


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