Thursday 29 September 2022

DEEP WATERS - Jagged Shores 3 - Available to pre-order Now

 I'm so excited to reveal that the pre-order links for Deep Waters the third novel in the Jagged Shores series has gone live. 


The book will be published on December 27th. As if that wasn't exciting enough, I've just completed book 4 in the series. The manuscript needs a final proofread and will be off to my publisher sometime in October for publication next year.

Deep Waters - where love, passion and hate, simmer beneath the surface.

Author Christian Costner is researching material for one of his dark thrillers, and Nyemouth seems like the perfect setting for his next book. The small seaside town has witnessed plenty of trouble over the years, and Christian thinks it will provide him with the inspiration he needs.

He hires local tour guide and fisherman Harry Renner to help him explore the coastline for a couple of days. Harry is knowledgeable and mature beyond his twenty-eight years. Handsome, too, though Christian thinks Harry is far too young for him.

As the weather worsens, Harry cuts short their first sightseeing trip. Heading back to shore, they spot a figure in distress in the water. A difficult rescue is made far worse when they discover that the casualty has a knife wound to his abdomen and dies before they reach the safety of the harbour.

United by the trauma, Christian and Harry find comfort in each other, but when another murder comes to light, they find themselves at the heart of a dangerous mystery and the target of a killer more ruthless than they could ever imagine.

Like the previous books in the series this can be read as a standalone, but with recuring characters throughout, the books will be best enjoyed in order.

Pre-Order HERE


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